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Holistic Natural Products

Healing Crystals

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Green Serpentine: Activate Kundalini Energy, Clears Thoughts, Release Unwanted Patterns of Behavior.

Amethyst: Protection, Spiritual Awareness, Develop Intuition, Calms the Mind.

Rose Quartz: Increase Self Worth, Healy with Forgiveness, Attract Love & Dispel Anger.

Smokey Quartz: Cleanses Aura, Calms Anxiety, Ground

Shira Lingam: Bring Balance, Boost Energy and enhance Creativity.

Shungite: Chakra Balancing, Grounding, Protect against Radiation, Cleanse Aura

Hematite: Protection against Negative Energy, Creates Peace, Increase Willpower.

Desert Jasper: Assist in Dream Recall, Increase Positive Thoughts, Reduce Stress.

Dalmatian: Dispel Nightmares, Help Overcome Disillusionment, Restore Peace and Balance.

Red Aventurine: Increase Energy, Mental Clarity, Grounding,  Block Negativity.

Grey Cats Eye: Brings Wealth & Prosperity, Stone of Good Fortune, Help with Past Traumatic situations.

Green Aventurine: Healing, Abundance, Growth, Decision Making Stone.

Black Agate: Protect against Danger, Grounds, Helps to Overcome Fears, Brings Good Fortune.

Black Jasper: Reduce Stress, Grounding, Protects against Bad Spells, Increase Motivation.

Stromatolites: Removes Blockages, Increase Personal Growth, Grounds

Jasper: Strengthen Sexual Passion, Boost Creativity

Rainbow Moonstone: New Beginnings, Growth, Ambition, Intensify Feminine Energy.

Leopardskin Jasper: Awaken your spiritual journey, Brings Harmony, Protection against Evil Eye, Growth.

Orange Calcite: Boost Spiritual Development, Focus, Increase Confidence

Tiger Eye: Amplifies Psychic Abilities, Prosperity, Enhance Willpower, Boost Confidence.

Amazonite: Speak Your Truth, Resolve Conflict, Attract Success

Red Garnet: Inspire Love, Balance Sex Drive, Create the Life You Truly want

 Blue Kynite: Open Throat Chakra, Develop Intuition, Raise Vibration.

Moss Agate: Attracts Success & Abundance, New Beginnings, Help Deepen Connection to Nature

Yellow Jasper: Promote Inner Strength, Protection during Spiritual Work, Traveling Protection, Remove Self Doubt

Clear Quartz: Absorbs Energy, Enhance Intuition, Master Healer, Increase Spiritual Awareness

Citrine: Manifest Wealth & Growth, Balance Emotions, Reduce Depression

 Chalcopyrite: Align All Chakras, Remove Energy Blockages, Enhance Perspective, Awaken Inner Sight, Banish Fear & Doubt,   

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